OneHealth is a world-class healthcare provider present in Egypt, Nigeria & expanding in Africa; offering high-quality medical services alongside a unique customer journey. The goal is simple - to revolutionize the healthcare industry through a seamless customer experience, whether it is in physical branches via state of the art medical centers or virtually through 24/7 access to teleconsultation via digital channels.

With a global mindset that aims at elevating the customer healthcare journey, OneHealth medical centers offer one-stop-shop healthcare services by providing access to over 30 medical specialties and sub-specialties, advanced diagnostics, laboratory services, and electronic medical records for all customers, which makes going to the medical center or consulting a doctor virtually, a medical experience like no other!

OneHealth is owned by AXA Group and is on a mission to provide exceptional healthcare solutions in emerging markets serving both insured and non-insured customers; and to make healthcare an affordable, trusted and above all convenient experience that all clients deserve


Responsible for providing the patient with high quality care by performing a variety of office, and patient care duties.

  • Sterilization/ Infection control.
  • Stock Management.
  • Lab Management
  • System and patient data handling.
  • Assisting Senior Dentists and ensuring the ease of dental procedures.
  • Handling referrals and recalls.
  • Support patients through their dental journey and do pre-booking



  • Support operating/Senior dentist in all aspects of the patient’s dental care ensuring the ease of dental procedures:
  • Documentation: recording and saving of all the patient history, examination findings, treatment and x-rays on Peret.
  • Dental unit: Disinfection, wrapping and preparation before the first patient of the day arrives and between subsequent patients during the day.
  • Instruments: Instruments used throughout the day handed over to the nurse according to the predetermined sterilization schedule
  • Stock Management; Receive new supplies, update stock sheets and participate in auditing process.
  • Monitor the Lab work; receiving impressions from different locations and delivering crowns and appliances to proper locations on time
  • Do the prebooking and DDR and Follow up for with clients in DDR report
  • Assist in any updated duties announced based on work demand for better patient satisfaction and work-flow enhancement
  • Coordinate between doctor and patient in certain cases that need close follow up
  • Follow up with patients whose treatment plan involve more than one specialty and coordinate with different doctors.
  • Juniors should assist all dentists in all specialties and make their job easier
  • Handling referrals and recalls..


  • Dental Assistant: Performing the basic job description
  • Hygienist: Scaling and polishing.
  • Junior Therapist: Scaling polishing, rubber dam application, anesthesia, fluoride application and primary tooth extraction for Pediatric patients.
  • Therapist: Scaling and polishing and simple operative procedures.
  • Operator: Simple procedures (involved in the candidate specialty in the masters degree)


  • Bachelor of Dentistry and Oral Surgery (BDS), Residency and Master degree as a development plan to ensure stages progress
  • Minimum of 6 months (After finishing Internship)
  • Good communication skills a must
  • Organization
  • Good listener
  • Compassion
  • Dedication
  • Anticipation
  • Excellent material handling
  • Excellent patients handling
  • Clinical practice
  • Excellent infection control skills
  • Very good English language ( written and spoken)